A bitch that gets passed around...
and around....
and around......................
Just buy her a pizza... if she loves it, shes a crew slut!!!
It's a way of life...
The boys in the crew are just waiting for you, to be a crew slut
( From Frank Zappas " Joes Garage")
Her name is Mary
by mavros April 10, 2006
noun.groupie hopeful.sucks band's roadie's dicks in hope of meeting band but never does.
"The crew slut never made it on the tour bus."
by MELVIN February 15, 2005
A girl who is on a crew (rowing) team who never wears a shirt (only a sports bra) and short shorts no matter how cold it is out. She never works out or tries. The sole reason for her being on the team is to flirt with the boys.
1. Can you believe the coach allowed that crewslut to not do the erg?

2. That crewslut has hooked up with half the boys on the crew team!
by Shady Jane March 22, 2006

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