A person who has no tolerance for cretins. Regards them as stupid and a lower life form culturally.
I am not a racist, I am a cretinist
by The Cretinist August 11, 2011
Top Definition
Usually a fundamentalist, holier-than-thou, Bible-thumping, Scripture-quoting, Hallelujah-ing Christian, who often claims to be a "creation scientist" despite obviously bad science and flawed logic. Outspoken and eloquent, they can be very persuasive to the uninformed and pose a grave danger to our public school systems. Someone who naively and blindly believes in what one ancient book (Genesis) says and ignores the huge mountain of evidence and the power of human logic attesting to the rise of man and other species by naturalistic (sans divine intervention) mechanisms. Some also still believe that the earth is flat.

A notorious cretinist is "Dr." Kent Hovind who bought his degree from a diploma mill.

Suggested reading: The Selfish Gene, by renowned Oxford biologist Dr. Richard Dawkins. This is one book that, if you can uderstand the complexities involved can change your whole worldview forever as it did mine.
Beware, a cretinist may be coming to a church or PTA meeting near you!
by Neo-Darwinian, ex-Christian May 04, 2004
Somebody who holds to the 6 day creation theory, often blindly and without even attempting to study any scientific textbooks. Does not believe in the theory of what they may call "evilution."
"My friend is such a cretinist...of course we came from monkeys."
by joe February 10, 2004
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