A obese mentally handycaped person. A person with such a retardation that they will not be able to burn of foods that have been fed to them. A real good old-fashioned insult use it well.
look at that fat dribling fuck over there a true cretin.
#handycaped #obese #old-fashioned #insult #retardation
by Phil Whitham February 25, 2008
Someone of the lowest possible intelligence level. Someone with an IQ of 10. At the most. Many cretins behave like veggies and can only be taught to piss themselves.
That guy's brain never fully developed past the third week of gestation and he is now a cretin.
#moron #retard #idiot #liberal #stupid
by Big Lee March 11, 2006
An affectionate term, used on things like small woodland creatures.
"Aww look at that little cretin."
#cretin #squirrel #woodland #creature #affectionate
by cretin2 April 29, 2009
A name commonly used by someone who wants to delete random things from urbandictionary.com
by Tommyhaych March 01, 2005
One with lack of mental/physical development.
Aneesah Islam is such a cretin
#aneesah #islam #twat #neanderthal #idiot
by rickyshah1990 January 06, 2010
a murderous piece of shit with lots of money and power
george w is a fucking cretin
by bush hater biach September 20, 2004
Said to someone to express annoyance or a friendly way to insult.
Anna, you're so slow you cretin.
by Amy January 06, 2004
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