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A person who acts as unscrupulously as possible, which includes stealing, lying, identity theft, and more, and is too stupid to realize that everyone knows he is a cretinous weasel, and has seen through his treachery. The cretin has a very high opinion of himself and accuses anyone who disagrees with him or tries to expose him of jealousy and say’s retarded things like “Jealousy has no wings” When exposed.

A cretin uses David-Mortonism’s, or DM’s where he will quote scriptures to defend his position or crimes in a weak attempt to distract or silence people from attacking his behavior. A cretin is too simple minded to formulate his own ideas and communicate them effectively, thus resorting to plagiarism, and thievery to make up simple sentences, syntax and basic communication. A cretin is all things unsavory and distasteful rolled up into an obnoxious usually hideously disgusting ball of wasted flesh marbled blubber. Cretins should be made into low quality soilent green patties.
David M. aka DM post's stolen images from other related sights and attempts to pass them off as his own work on a routine basis. He also copy pastes text from other sites into his forum responses to start debates that he doesn't even understand himself. He uses ridiculous nonsensical terms constantly and floods forums with complete nonsense, "white noise" what a cretin.
by David Morton October 22, 2006
12 12
Mysterious 'bit' that somehow appears in a drink.
Person #1: Fuckin' 'ell lad there's a massive fucking cretin in me drink.
Person #2: Fuck off lad, ya ma's a cretin.
by I am the fucking law mate June 24, 2011
1 3
Thug wannabe adolescents that present obvious stunted growth (short height, mental handicaps) from a likely deficient diet and improper mannerisms such as name calling once a safe distance away from the target.
I cretin might say:

Yo, this 50 cent is da bomb. I'm gonna go skateboard back to my crib, make a bowl of Trix cereal, and listen to dis. Hey, somebody yell "faggot" at that guy we walked past 500 yards ago.
by Nomad78 March 23, 2010
2 5
A person who is lacking in intelligence. It comes from the word Cretan, meaning a person from Crete. In olden times, people from Crete were considered to be lacking in intelligence, and hence, Cretan was an insulting word to be called.
"No Mr Bush, I will not pull your finger.. Cretin"
by Xeychellus November 05, 2005
34 37
Someone of the lowest possible intelligence level. Someone with an IQ of 10. At the most. Many cretins behave like veggies and can only be taught to piss themselves.
That guy's brain never fully developed past the third week of gestation and he is now a cretin.
by Big Lee March 11, 2006
8 14
What many of the people who contribute to this website behave like.
I hate it when those cretins contribute words of foul play to this site.
by Light Joker June 01, 2004
26 32
A obese mentally handycaped person. A person with such a retardation that they will not be able to burn of foods that have been fed to them. A real good old-fashioned insult use it well.
look at that fat dribling fuck over there a true cretin.
by Phil Whitham February 25, 2008
6 13