A completely irrelevant mope of a douchebag. Cretins possess exceptionally low intelligence and street smarts, are aroused by bathroom humour and above all love to play idiotic practical jokes. A cretin is generally reared in either a rural or suburban setting and therefore lacks many social graces necessary for sexy urban life. A cretin left to it's own devices eventually implodes in on itself. Cretins require excessive amounts of ritalin and/or Flintstones chewable vitamins. Finally they tend to respond to the name Dave.
That fucktard Dave is such a cretin. He put gunpowder in all the ashtrays at the kegger over at the Cardinal Apartments last night. What a douchebag.
by Alfonso T. Watt May 11, 2010
Someone who hangs about mainly in a football club, or park. They drink White Ace cider and tend to wear alot of checkers.

Cretins like this are on the dole and use all of their money to buy white ace cider. Often they tick alchol from the shop untill their parents/nan gives them more money

They have 1 best friend (who is equally a cretin) who will worship the ground they walk on and do everything they are told to do.

Cretins are always drunk and play drinking games. They cause trouble on the streets and everyone laughs at them. Cretins do not realise they have a problem or that they are being laughed at. They think they are just having fun and there is nothing wrong it what they are doing. They also take no pride in their personal appearance and tend to look like woody out of "this is england"
by anonymous_355321 March 24, 2011
an idiot. someone who cannot do even the simplest tasks right. No one likes the cretin, and is usually hated by most people for screwing up important stuff.

Comes from Romanian, "Cretin", which means idiot.
That cretin forgot to bring the basketball, again. What a complete idiot.
by Vlad Dracula February 27, 2010
1. in medical circles, someone who has a thyroid problem which results in the condition known as cretinism. It may also result from bad environmental factors.

2. a thick-headed dunce, a total dumbbutt. You can tell a cretin something and it NEVER sinks in. An absolute numbskull.
1. ... There's no stopping the cretins from hopping.
Creeee-tin! ...

All good cretins have some more!

All good cretins go to heaven!

"Cretin Hop" - RAMONES

2. When I was in high school the TV show "Entertainment Tonight" debuted and was something to talk about at the lockers. Now that show is pure trash, it's for cretins.
by Cretin Hopper May 29, 2009
A person who acts as unscrupulously as possible, which includes stealing, lying, identity theft, and more, and is too stupid to realize that everyone knows he is a cretinous weasel, and has seen through his treachery. The cretin has a very high opinion of himself and accuses anyone who disagrees with him or tries to expose him of jealousy and say’s retarded things like “Jealousy has no wings” When exposed.

A cretin uses David-Mortonism’s, or DM’s where he will quote scriptures to defend his position or crimes in a weak attempt to distract or silence people from attacking his behavior. A cretin is too simple minded to formulate his own ideas and communicate them effectively, thus resorting to plagiarism, and thievery to make up simple sentences, syntax and basic communication. A cretin is all things unsavory and distasteful rolled up into an obnoxious usually hideously disgusting ball of wasted flesh marbled blubber. Cretins should be made into low quality soilent green patties.
David M. aka DM post's stolen images from other related sights and attempts to pass them off as his own work on a routine basis. He also copy pastes text from other sites into his forum responses to start debates that he doesn't even understand himself. He uses ridiculous nonsensical terms constantly and floods forums with complete nonsense, "white noise" what a cretin.
by David Morton October 22, 2006
A person who's too narrow minded and retarded to expand their experience beyond their own perceptions-Usually used to describe people who spend hours playing First Person Shooter Games like Call of Duty or Halo but dont have the brains to play games like Final Fantasy or any multitude of excellent JRPG or far superior Japanese games.
Cretin one: "slobbers"I just got a killstreak in Halo Reacharound!
Cretin two:"Drools and spittle flies forth from his gaping maw"oh yea I just prestiged for the 30th time in Black ops!

Worldy gamer who plays more than shooters:What a bunch of Cretins ..
by The one who lies January 10, 2011
1. a person who has retarded mental and physical growth.

2. an insult for somebody who acts like a douche
1. hey! look at that guy over there! he can't run, what a cretin

2. uh! tammy is such a cretin!
by thelegend1234567 October 22, 2010

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