A word associated to people whose lack of intelligence, manners/etiquette, appreciation, moral fibre and glaring social ineptitude, which in turn allows upstanding, educated, decent, moral, intelligent, socially respectful and hard working people to perceive them as "degenerates" (owing to their inherent and blatantly obvious flaws). A 'cretin' is usually linked, but not limited to the following:

* People who hang around on street corners, shops, public access routes or any other place where the intimidation factor to ordinary, decent folk is a bonus. Note: Participants are usually loud, obnoxious, drunk, seeking trouble, showing off or a combination of all 5.

* Football hooligans who wear specific clothing to associate themselves to 'their' club and make a point that they are looking for trouble e.g. Burberry caps, jeans etc. Also, football hooligans, loudmouths, drunkards etc in general are typically "cretinous".

* Ethnic minorities whose objective is to intimidate, steal, sell drugs, flunk off school, spew forth native commonalities in a drudgingly pathetic manner (you know, the usual).

* Unappreciative partners of seemingly decent, good-looking females whose attitude is mainly focused towards 'chavalry' rather than the more honourable, manly and decent 'chivalry' attitude.

* Yobbo teens who try (without success) to appear bigger than they are, sound educated or coherent (impossible) and try (also without success) to get 'one over' on anyone who ensues an argument with them by uttering common anecdotes, failed educated grammar and vocabulary and "socially hip" (usually obtained from cheesy American soaps or other 'cretins') body movements e.g. "talk to the hand"..No, I won't talk to the hand, shut up, you're pathetic, im talking to you direct otherwise I wouldn't be facing you, you cretin.

* People whose sole purpose in life is to drain the life-force (i.e. human spirit, positivity, ambition and general well-being) from people whose success in life is related to said character traits.

* People whose aura affects you directly or indirectly either through a general depressive demeanour, negative attitude etc.
"Look at those loudmouth football supporters outside that pub; what cretins"

"Dude, why are those cretins flocking to that spar shop?"

"Look at that guy; the way he treats his girlfriend. What a cretin"
by Bob Morten October 05, 2005
The next level below a fool.
"Fuck off you cretin! You're just a waste of space!"
by CS January 10, 2004
person inflicted with a thyroid deficiency resulting in stunting of mental and physical growth. In other words, a mentally-challenged dwarf. Derives from the Swiss French term for a Christian. You do the math.
Billy Graham est un cretin celebre.
by climber9 March 11, 2010
A word to use the people in the world who are monstrously retarded, unintelligent, vile, pathetic, greasy, crusty, dumb, sometimes fat, unfortunately untalented, and all around awful in every possible way that is imaginable to the point that not even Jesus can save them. Cretins, by definition, suffer from "cretinism" and can be described as "cretinous." Specific cretins are actually recognized by the medical community as cretins with an official MD Grant of Cretinism - which is rare.
Normal Person #1: Look at that monstrously retarded, unintelligent, vile, pathetic, greasy, crusty, dumb, fat, unfortunately untalented, and all around awful person.

Normal Person #2: Yeah, it must be cretin.

*cretin turns towards the normal people*

by mlad August 15, 2009
Shootings, Dead beat parents, Shallowness, Doomsayers,religious and/or political freaks, "Chicken littles" (the sky is falling!), "Disaster Victims" ( Life can really suck, find the strength to endure!), The prejudice ( be who you want to be), Over opinionated hypocrites ( like me ). Are examples of cretins
by A secret to everybody. October 12, 2008
A person who lives in the town of Crete, IL.

If they decide to move somewhere outside of Crete, they become an Ex-Cretin.
Are you from Chicago? No, i'm a Cretin.
by awsnap April 01, 2009
A completely irrelevant mope of a douchebag. Cretins possess exceptionally low intelligence and street smarts, are aroused by bathroom humour and above all love to play idiotic practical jokes. A cretin is generally reared in either a rural or suburban setting and therefore lacks many social graces necessary for sexy urban life. A cretin left to it's own devices eventually implodes in on itself. Cretins require excessive amounts of ritalin and/or Flintstones chewable vitamins. Finally they tend to respond to the name Dave.
That fucktard Dave is such a cretin. He put gunpowder in all the ashtrays at the kegger over at the Cardinal Apartments last night. What a douchebag.
by Alfonso T. Watt May 11, 2010
1. in medical circles, someone who has a thyroid problem which results in the condition known as cretinism. It may also result from bad environmental factors.

2. a thick-headed dunce, a total dumbbutt. You can tell a cretin something and it NEVER sinks in. An absolute numbskull.
1. ... There's no stopping the cretins from hopping.
Creeee-tin! ...

All good cretins have some more!

All good cretins go to heaven!

"Cretin Hop" - RAMONES

2. When I was in high school the TV show "Entertainment Tonight" debuted and was something to talk about at the lockers. Now that show is pure trash, it's for cretins.
by Cretin Hopper May 29, 2009

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