Ghetto french.
The people of Haiti speak Creole
by Sc34s3r December 11, 2009
French for butt sex.
Once I heard she liked créole, I knew she was a dirty girl. So I bought her another drink.
by Girth E November 10, 2010
being of majority black and only part french ancestry.
Beyonce and Solange Knowles are creole.

Lil wayne is creole.
by kandygrl7 June 30, 2009
Haitian dialect of french
prounounced cray-ole
Spanish - one of 100% European ancestory
prounounced cray-o-lay
2% of the Mexican population is creole
by farged November 21, 2007
This word originally meant a White person in Latin America of pure Spanish, or Portuguese descent. As these mofos got their asses kicked out of Latin America the term referred to many other meanings.

Such as the french-style food in Louisiana, the broke french spoken in Haiti and St. Lucia, the race of people with European(French), African, and Native American descent in the Carribean
I don't speak French, I speak Creole.
Same shit man, just that your an islander and not a stank ass European.
by toryall May 29, 2004
A group of mixed raced people who really didn't know what they were so they came up with this catch-all term.
"Yeah, I'm like 33 different nationalities so I guess I'm a Creole."
by meetoo September 06, 2003
A term referring to one of mixed European ancestry (Spanish and French), from the Spanish criollo. A true creole, contrary to proper belief, does not have any African blood.
Someone whose father was French and mother was Spanish would have been a Creole.
by E. McAuliffe September 11, 2005

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