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Worst Counter-strike player in the universe!
"Wow what a noob!"
"He is the worst I have ever seen!"
by creepz August 07, 2003
3 5

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1. the word "creepz" is used when two people say the exact same word, or use similar expressions at the same time. Commonly used on MSN messenger, when people type the same thing simultaneously. One of them (or all) then proceed to use the word "creepz", as to show they were thinking the same thing synchronically;

2. it can also be used as a synonym to creep, or creepy
- ddrfz is an idiot
- god, ddrfz is a fucking idiot
- creepz!

That guy should be called creepzonfire101. He is freaky as hell!
by j8tred December 22, 2006
25 4
super leet cs player
damn creepz u hack on lan
by chr1s July 26, 2003
2 5
a leet cs player
damn creepz is hax on lan
by chr1s July 26, 2003
1 4