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Relates to Fucktard,someone who is a creep and also a retard.Possibly also a Fucktard but creepy aswell.
Quit bothering my girlfreind you creeptard.
by Horace Lyle November 10, 2004
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A retarded person who can't get the message! He/she usually spends his days stalking the "target" and continues to be creepy. Usually he/she can't take a hint!
Person 1: Why does he always bother me all day? Can't get just take a hint!?!
Person 2: He's such a creeptard!
by Angie Stoney March 15, 2010
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An adjective used to describe a person who acts like a retard but for the purpose to make others feel creeped out. Usually, the person described will be sick minded.
Person 1: That guy is so scary! He pulled a pedophile face at me!
Person 2: Oh yeah, he's a creeptard.
by ExplodingSheepiesYay June 05, 2015
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One part creep and one part retard. A Creeptard is known to talk very loudly and get suffer emotional distress when made fun of. Creep stalks bartender for months before finally finding her on facebook. Creep writes long stalker message to add him while unknowing becomes a retard because his girlfriend learns of his facebook update. Creeptard is then barred from the bar and loses only girlfriend he's ever had.
Noun: This creeptard keep following me around.

Adjective: Did I hurt your creeptarded feelings? Go cry to yo momma.

Adjective: Your girlfriend found out you're stalking some chick? You're fucking creeptarded
by Jerktard June 02, 2010
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