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a weird man one may know or not know and he gives off a strong rapist/molester vibe. his presence just makes a person extremely uncomfortable.
Mr. Johnson the physics teacher keeps calling me honey and sweetheart during class. Today he asked me if I had a boyfriend. Damn creepster!
by antisocial_lunchbox May 28, 2008
61 33
A guy who girls think is really creepy
Acts really awkward around girls
One who waits for the drunkest girls at the end of a party to hit on
Andy Blacker is the definition of a creepster
by Shit Show September 28, 2006
103 46
1)A person who advances on a 15 year old.

2)A girl who doesn't get her eyebrows done/shave her upper lip.

3)A guy who sniffs your hair from behind.

4)Lesbian gym teachers.

5)Guys with leg tattoos.

6)A guy who steals your underwear and wears them.

7)Carrot tops.

8)Guys who wear cowboy boots and/or have ponytails.

9)Hot Topic employees.

10)Guys who share lollipops with other guys.

11)Guys who have their balls as their aim icons.
Pee Wee Herman is a fucking creepster.
by cevboatcycle August 25, 2007
107 77
A cross between a creepy man and a hipster. He usually tries to get into your pants while crying about how original he is. Creepsters always have a sparse mustache or thick beard, and have dreams about being a rockstar. A creepster might try to hide his adoration toward Edward Cullen with many anti-Twilight posters that host sexy pictues of Robert Pattinson. Hipster girls are inexplicably attracted to him, if only ironically.
1. Ellen: "Oh my gosh! I went out with this total creepster last night!"

Jackie: "Oh, ya? How did it go?"

Ellen: "He rubbed his beard on my face while he read 'The Catcher in the Rye.'"
by magwich September 22, 2010
41 23
The definition of a man that never takes no for an anwser. When intoxicated, will creep around and make advances on unsuspecting girls. Also enjoys forcibly making girls flash.
Oh man, here comes AP Creepster!
by Creepster June 12, 2006
25 24
A co-worker in my office
A creepster is when a co-worker in your office says she hears your phone call.
by Blackheart615 December 30, 2013
0 0
a man who walks around in only a trenchcoat and flashes random women
that guy is such a creepster
by ashizzle074 June 04, 2006
15 15