a weird man one may know or not know and he gives off a strong rapist/molester vibe. his presence just makes a person extremely uncomfortable.
Mr. Johnson the physics teacher keeps calling me honey and sweetheart during class. Today he asked me if I had a boyfriend. Damn creepster!
by antisocial_lunchbox May 28, 2008
Top Definition

A CREEPSTER is a Cross Between a HIPSTER & a CREEP Or Just A Creepy Person in General.

Creepsters think they are Hip & Cool, But, in Reality, They are Really Creepy & Give Off a Molester/Rapist, Sex-Fiend Vibe.

Many Times, Creepsters Are Sociopathic (they Socially Prey on People) & have Fake Charming Voices (see Worm Tongue).

The Male Creepsters, Many Times, Sport Sparse Goatees or Beards and Usually Wear Sunglasses & are Physically Fit, so that they can Get Laid More Often.

Many of The Females usually are TATTED and are “Betty Page” Look Alikes & Wannabees that have Leopard Skin Clothing Fetishes.

Creepsters are Always Looking to be Admired and to Get Laid. They will Constantly Brag about How Great They Are, while Ripping Other People Apart to Make Them Look Good.

Some Common Examples of Creepsters (See More Detailed List on Urban Dictionary)
1. All Middle-Aged Men who are trying to get Teenagers in the Sack by Acting Cool through the Use of Drugs, Materialism, Music or Literature. This includes Most College Professors, many High School Teachers, Some Step-Fathers & Recreational Church Leaders.
2. Guys or Women who “Come On” to Your Wife/Husband or Girlfriend/Boyfriend at Church.
3. Many Guys who have Mail-Order/Trophy Wives Half their Age out of Eastern Europe.
4. Married Men who Come On to You while they are bringing their Children to School, Day Care, Church or the YMCA. (See More Detailed List on Urban Dictionary).
That Little Guy with the Goatee Beard & Dark Sun Glasses Who Keeps Trying to Have Sex With My Mother is One Little Creepster.
by Tina from the BGCA August 25, 2014
CREEPSTER Definition #2

A CREEPSTER is a Cross Between a HIPSTER & a CREEP or Anyone with a Creepy Presence (see Creepster #1 & #3)

5. Woman who Hang their Cleavage in Your Husband’s or Significant Other’s Face at Parties and Other Social Events.
6. Guys with Goatee Beards who play with Balls while Telling You How Great They Are on Your First Date.
7. All “Betty Page” Look -Alikes.
8. Guys who tell you how Great they are at Kung Fu, so they Try to Impress You to Take Them to Bed.
9. Self-Absorbed, Bored-House-Wives who Wear “Jackie-O” Dark Sun Glasses who tell you how Worthless their Husbands are, While The Husbands Are Completely Supporting Them Financially, While their Wives are Trying to Get You to Fuck Them.
10. All Swingers.
11. White Women who Dig Black Guys or Guys Half Their Age.
12. Guys or Women who “Come On” to Your Wife/Husband or Girlfriend/Boyfriend at Church.
13. Women who shave their Eyebrows and have them Tattooed on.
14. Flashy Men who Like Fast Sport Cars and Cheat on Their Wives.
15. Women who Sneak Out on Their Significant Other to Have Sex in a Car with Someone Else when They Are Supposed to Be Out Grocery Shopping or Buying Clothes.
16. Guys who Share Lollipops with Each Other.
17. Lesbian Gym Teachers who Want You To Come Over to Their House After School, so that they can Comb Your Hair.
18. Guys who Wear Cowboy Boots and/or have Ponytails.
I wish that Creepster would stop hanging her tits in my husband's face at our daughter's birthday party.
by Tina from the BGCA August 26, 2014
CREEPSTER Definition #3

A CREEPSTER is a Cross Between a HIPSTER & a CREEP or Anyone with a Creepy Presence (see Creepster #1 & #2)

19. All Adulterers.
20. Tattooed Single Parent Mothers Who Bring Home Lots of Men to have Sex With, while Their Kids Watch.
21. People who wear lots of Heavy Gold Jewelry to Show Off & To Give Them a Heavier Sense of Self-Worth.
22. Mothers who Tell Their Married Daughters that Affairs will “Spice Up” Their Marriages.
23. Drunk Fathers who have Sex with Their Daughters &/or Step Daughters.
24. Most Women that Wear Leopard Skin Inspired Clothing & Dark Sunglasses.
25. Fathers Who Take Their Teenage Sons to Bordellos/Whore Houses to Sexually “Break Them In” and to “Make Men Out of Them.”
26. All Cougars: Old Vain Women Who Need to Have Sex With Men Young Enough to Be Their Sons.
27. Married People that Tint Their Car Windows Dark so that They Can Have Sexual Affairs with People they Meet at “Back to School” Night and at Work.
28. Mothers who Sexually Flirt with Their Teenage Son’s Friends.
29. Drunk or Mentally Unstable In-Laws who Offer to Give You Oral Sex “On The Side” at Family Get Togethers, while Your Children Are in the Other Room.
30. Old Slut Mother-in-Laws who Try to Undermine Your Marriage, so that Their children will End Up Divorced & As Miserable as Themselves.
31. Spouses who make a Game of Bringing Around Their Sleazy Lovers During the Holidays and Act Like Nothing is Wrong.
That Little Guy at Church with the Goatee Beard and Russian "Mail-Order Bride" "Half His Age" who "Hits On" Everyone is One Big Creepster.
by Tina from the BGCA August 25, 2014
A guy who girls think is really creepy
Acts really awkward around girls
One who waits for the drunkest girls at the end of a party to hit on
Andy Blacker is the definition of a creepster
by Shit Show September 28, 2006
1)A person who advances on a 15 year old.

2)A girl who doesn't get her eyebrows done/shave her upper lip.

3)A guy who sniffs your hair from behind.

4)Lesbian gym teachers.

5)Guys with leg tattoos.

6)A guy who steals your underwear and wears them.

7)Carrot tops.

8)Guys who wear cowboy boots and/or have ponytails.

9)Hot Topic employees.

10)Guys who share lollipops with other guys.

11)Guys who have their balls as their aim icons.
Pee Wee Herman is a fucking creepster.
by cevboatcycle August 25, 2007
A cross between a creepy man and a hipster. He usually tries to get into your pants while crying about how original he is. Creepsters always have a sparse mustache or thick beard, and have dreams about being a rockstar. A creepster might try to hide his adoration toward Edward Cullen with many anti-Twilight posters that host sexy pictues of Robert Pattinson. Hipster girls are inexplicably attracted to him, if only ironically.
1. Ellen: "Oh my gosh! I went out with this total creepster last night!"

Jackie: "Oh, ya? How did it go?"

Ellen: "He rubbed his beard on my face while he read 'The Catcher in the Rye.'"
by magwich September 22, 2010

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