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While stopped at a stoplight, something in a nearby car catches your eye (sorority bumper sticker, etc) and in order to ascertain the nailablilty of the driver you let off the brake and idle into a position where you could reach ideal creeping angle. Also, known as a Creeping Jane for females.
“Look, that Isuzu has a “Sassy Chick” sticker on the bumper.”

“Pull a Creeping Tom up there to get a better look-see. I think we got something.”

“Weak dude, I let off my brake for that? She’s a 7.1 on the Nailer Scale.”
by Ockman May 02, 2008
The act of rolling up on a girl in your car at less than 4 miles an hour, using the funamentals of creeping and peeping.

creaping toms must utilize creeping and peeping otherwise you're not considered a creeping tom.
Yo, David was an ill creeping tom on Main street, he was creeping and peeping until the garbage truck almost ran over his ride.
by Crack April 01, 2004
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