when someone socializes with someone else more than usual just so they can bag. can be confused with just socializing, but idk man sometimes these creepers just don't have any game. sometimes these creepers might creep hard and some might not try at all, but the goal is still the same.
jim - oh hay pammmm how you doin today?
pam - oh hey jim... i'm alright what's up?
kevin - hey oscar... i think jim's been creepin on pam a little too much don't you?
by shroomzzz August 29, 2010
When a creepy guy is wearing sweatpants out in public and has an erection.
That dude is creepin!
by Sperz/CM December 07, 2009
The act of sneaking out of your house unoticed
im ground so ive creepin out my house
by yuckalooter July 11, 2009
To hang out; chill out
#1 dude: duude, what's up?
#2 dude: oh creepin' with my friends.
by Dudet_ Bitch!?! March 31, 2009
Anyone who is in the direct possession of an STD.
"Dude, she's hott!"
"My dude, she's from Wilson, she's creepin'"
by falcon2_900 April 16, 2008
A car that is moving really slow down a street. Used by people either in traffic behind it, or by a pedestrian who believes the driver is a molester/creep.
Damn dude, this guy is creepin' down this street. Beep at him.

Peep this mother fucker creepin' past these kids.
by aliam December 10, 2006
feeling some one up or moving slowly..
Man when i was creepin on that hottie i found out she was stank!!

We were creepin by the party to see what was up..
by mead December 03, 2003

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