The act of using facebook to spy on everyone and everything. all the time. rain or shine.
"did you know that robby is in a relationship with sara?"
"yeah, i was totally just creepin' on that"
by don'tstopbelievin May 29, 2009
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-to cheat
That dude is player, he's creepin on Shae.
by spoleze February 15, 2003
To sneak about unnoticed and mysteriously; usually to murder/mug someone.
"I creeped on that muthafucka and made my move - now his brains are all over St. Claire, nigga..."
by Anonymous July 25, 2004
Sneakin to see a girl
by AC June 22, 2003
The act of scrolling through pictures, wall-to-walls, videos, and general information on facebook profiles of people whom one would not normally talk to in person.
While creepin' last night I discovered he likes to wear makeup... weird.
by TrailMixx July 07, 2009
To persistently look for and gather online information about a person, either through searching their name or looking for them on popular social networking sites.
Sally: So what have you been doing all day?
Sue: Oh you know, just creepin around on Facebook.
by Jobates August 28, 2010
a person who is trying to get some or get the point across that they are a sexual being. the person usually stares a lot and gets touchy or says things that are overtly sexual. the person doing the creepin often uses moves such as the hug and boob graze or the hug and butt graze.
kelsey was creepin on those dudes at that party the other night.
by lizifer March 29, 2008
To approach/pass-by at a slow rate.
We were minding our business and these vatos were CREEPIN in their car lookin at us.
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003

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