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One of those girls who always says the cliche phrase "creeper" to talk about anyone they don't like. It's because calling someone an asshole or a bitch nowadays isn't as hurtful to the person's reputation, so if they call the person they are targeting a "creeper", it implies that they are a stalker, that there is something weird/off about them, and for the high school/immature collegiate freshman crowd, fitting in is everything and this word carries some effect. Some strange fellas use this word too, but not nearly as much as young girls do.
When a girl calls people creepy, saying, "oh, she's creepy", "that's creepy", or "he's creepy". Girls who act like they're weirded out about everything. What are they doing, just trying to get that emotional high off receiving attention, or from drama? I really don't get it, because the word "creeper" is so cliche and really doesn't mean shit. I've known guys who were called creepers by girls that had sex with them. It's just so strange. There's too many creeper girls out there. That's what I, and the world, should call these girls. Come on, everybody, you know the type of girl I'm talking about!
by Jeffro January 08, 2009
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