A small gang/club made up of mainly single New Zealanders who frequent the notoriously sleezy Redback Tavern in West London.

Famously known for praying on drunk females too inebriated to judge the general attractiveness of such members.

Members greet each other by raising one leg and making a ''C'' symbol with one hand, whilst exclaiming ''CREEP!''
''Bro did you hear about Clarky last night? he's was being such a creep with that drunk bitch at the Redback. He does the Creeps proud.
by Creep Captain June 14, 2010
1. v. Making moves in a shady and often times questionable manner, usually involving the use of the key tool facebook
2. n. One with extremely long fingers
3. n. Winston L. Jones
Winston, the king creepo, used his long fingers to creep a girl on creepbook(facebook).
by The 415 March 23, 2008
One who preys on young females while pretending to appear intoxicated to make it seem like a legitimate match
wow, that kid CRANDALL is such a creep, i hear he is a 2 beer queer and chills with that one pump chump
by turka and yohan December 11, 2006
weed that takes a while to kick in. (creep-up-on-ya)
Damn, that shit was some creep!
by noogin December 26, 2005
Someone who looks up girls on google to find their accounts on social media sites. They then creep their posts and find that this person has an ask.fm, they proceed to ask the girl questions they are too nervous to ask themselves. Questions like " whos your favorite black guy...."
by 420blazeit May 06, 2014
More likely then not a man. He whom makes females feel uncomfortable with sexual derived comments causing a strong emotion of disgust towards that individual. Often triggers the taste of vomit within the mouth.
A teacher who says "can't wait to see the girls in those tight t-shirts tomorrow, I'm 53 even a sears catalog does it for me"

Later described by those girls as a "creep"
by timhobbit47 March 06, 2012
A guy without a real job who mooches off of his wife and belittles his child. Since, he doesn't work he also tends to post on boards and likes to ask other guys about their stiffies
JMS: Did you walk away with a stiffie.

You: "Creep", your aquard inappropriate creepy sexual advancements toward me are unwanted and unneeded. It is unfortunate that you can't seem to get over me and continue to cyber stalk me.
by Cyberstalked December 07, 2008

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