someone who stares at you or says weird things that make your almost have goose bumps. also used when people are obsessed with something or someone so much that they are to begin being called a creep.
Person 1 - OMG, that girl is so obsessed with that stuff!

Person 2 - I KNOW! She's such a creep!


Guy - *stares at girl intentionally from across the room*

Girl - AH! He is such a creep! Why does he keep staring at me?
#weirdo #stalker #creeper #pedophile #jerk
by EBrog March 12, 2009
to stalk and check up on, without letting the person you are checking up on be aware of this.

to browse through someone's facebook and see their every action and others actions towards them.
That girl Kollene is such a facebook creep, she looks at my page every hour.
#stalker #obsessive #weinergirl #crazy #girl #loser #emoboy
by pfrsh May 02, 2011
Sunglasses that are tinted enough you can't see the wearer's eyes. Specifically designed to look at cleavage and ass within close proximity without the obviously creepy element.
Jim: Hey man, let's get outside and check out some tail.

Chad: Cool. Hold on one sec. Let me grab my creeps from my room.
#creepy #creeps #creep #sunglasses #sun glasses #shades
by clark2936 August 04, 2009
A word used, usually as an insult, on someone who's personality or overall behaviour is strange or weird.
Guy 1: That guy John is a damn creep...
Guy 2: I know, he acts like a child and he's nearly 23...
#creep #freak #weird #clown #idiot
by fslfjsdklgjklgjioujdddamncreep November 03, 2010
1. A man who pursues a girl knowing the girl has a boyfriend/husband.

2. A person who repeatedly asks someone out utilizing late night texts and facebook.
Sarah's boyfriend was mad after he found out that creep billy texted her at 3a.m. again.
#lurk #text #latenight #cheat #friend
by billyv44 April 04, 2010
Someone who looks up girls on google to find their accounts on social media sites. They then creep their posts and find that this person has an, they proceed to ask the girl questions they are too nervous to ask themselves. Questions like " whos your favorite black guy...."
#stalker #desirable #creap #weirdo #lurker
by 420blazeit May 06, 2014
a wrong action made; shady; dirty
Man..that's creep how you left me at the party.
CREEEEPPPPP..You did him dirty.
#grimy #wrong #dirty #shady #unjust
by Chriallupher December 28, 2007
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