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1. v. Making moves in a shady and often times questionable manner, usually involving the use of the key tool facebook
2. n. One with extremely long fingers
3. n. Winston L. Jones
Winston, the king creepo, used his long fingers to creep a girl on creepbook(facebook).
by The 415 March 23, 2008
Messing with something that someone else doesn't want you to mess with
Hey, Ruel! That's my meatball sub, don't be creepin' on it!
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
to stalk and check up on, without letting the person you are checking up on be aware of this.

to browse through someone's facebook and see their every action and others actions towards them.
That girl Kollene is such a facebook creep, she looks at my page every hour.
by pfrsh May 02, 2011
1. A man who pursues a girl knowing the girl has a boyfriend/husband.

2. A person who repeatedly asks someone out utilizing late night texts and facebook.
Sarah's boyfriend was mad after he found out that creep billy texted her at 3a.m. again.
by billyv44 April 04, 2010
weed that takes a while to kick in. (creep-up-on-ya)
Damn, that shit was some creep!
by noogin December 26, 2005
A guy without a real job who mooches off of his wife and belittles his child. Since, he doesn't work he also tends to post on boards and likes to ask other guys about their stiffies
JMS: Did you walk away with a stiffie.

You: "Creep", your aquard inappropriate creepy sexual advancements toward me are unwanted and unneeded. It is unfortunate that you can't seem to get over me and continue to cyber stalk me.
by Cyberstalked December 07, 2008
One who preys on young females while pretending to appear intoxicated to make it seem like a legitimate match
wow, that kid CRANDALL is such a creep, i hear he is a 2 beer queer and chills with that one pump chump
by turka and yohan December 11, 2006