The amazing hip-hop group TLCs way to describe cheating on your partner!
So I creep, just keep it on the down low
by Gogglyeyed January 13, 2011
Someone who wears their pajamas all day and drives around with a gallon of ice cream in their lap. May also wear glasses. Also, have not purchsed, rather just have shirts their aunt made for them, because they are cheap. Owns no real shoes, only slip-ons/flip flops.
My cousin, who is a creep, and shall remain anonymous.
by Kyler Tedford April 07, 2008
The driver in front of you stops well short of the vehicle in front of him/her in any traffic queue. You stop at a normal distance. The driver ahead then 'creeps' his/her vehicle forward, leaving you looking silly with a big gap in front of your own vehicle. The driver ahead is a creep.
Look at that creep in front of us.
by NG December 28, 2004
New terminology for MOBs that Blizzard is trying to instill in the World of Warcraft playing community.
Character 1: Let's go kill that 'creep'.
Character 2: WTF is a 'creep'?
Character 1: Any bad guy we can kill.
Character 2: It is called a MOB you fucking looney tunes bitch.
by Mangina2004 January 30, 2004
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