A guy who walks around in an awkward manner. Walks especially slowly when he nears a girl he is attracted to. His voice is often very low and instantly irritates you as soon as you hear it. If he likes you, he may go up to you and mutter something with his creepy voice. When you least expect it, you're just going about your business and you turn around and he's standing right behind you, so close you hear feel his creepy breathing.

Upon seeing him, girls will often get nausea and extreme irritability.
David walks up to Anabella and mutters something creepy.

Anabella: Excuse me teacher, I think I'm gonna throw up. Could I be excused?

Maddy and Claire are walking around at school.

Claire: Hey look it's David.

Maddy: The creepy one?

Claire: Yeah, the one that lurks around and angers me just by existing.

Maddy: Let's get out of here.
by achoo/ March 20, 2010
drive real slow to peep some shit or as your gonna do somthin illeagle
"creep up here to this smoke spot"
"yo creep on this fools shit right here"
by Nazty North May 16, 2003
Another word for having a cigarette, oft used in an attempt to hide the fact that one intends to smoke.
Dude, want to creep? I really need a creeper.
by Learned Hand, J. May 02, 2009
One who takes a 20fl oz. bottled water that is not his from a conference room.
Jim is such a creep for taking that water.
by g.coles March 14, 2007
To burgle a house whilst the occupiers are present. This can be when the person is awake and in another room but is also applicable when the person is asleep in the room that is being burgled.

Smack heads often do creeps. As do people who steal high performance cars by creeping the keys.
I needed a fix so I did a creep on someone's house and stole their lap top from the kitchen table.


They had a Porsche parked outside so when they went upstairs I creeped the house and got the keys.
by Yelland January 03, 2006
Awesome song by the stone temple pilots, or stp
Im half the man i used to be...
by Ka August 17, 2004
The amazing hip-hop group TLCs way to describe cheating on your partner!
So I creep, just keep it on the down low
by Gogglyeyed January 13, 2011

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