Another word for messed up in the ghetto areas of Florida. Trust me I would know im the whitest person ever in the ghettoest place ever. Like a sperm in a vagina, theyre totally lost . Bring this word to your ghetto areas !
Ghetto person: Niggah you so blone that when you went sky diving you missed earth !
Audience: Damnnnn thats creep !
by The creep person ! December 19, 2010
A kid that is or resembles that of Dan Burke, from Brockton MA. This involved "Creeping" via AIM, Facebook, or in person.
Dan Burke, why'd you request me again on facebook? Your such a creep.
by The spicy egg bandit July 10, 2008
1. An excellently written song by Radiohead.
2. An also awesome song by Stone Temple Pilots.
3. A gradual result of tectonic shift, causing different layers of the ground to show over a period of several years (betcha didnt know that one :P)
4. Someone who seems awkward or strange to other people and may scare them away, i.e. creepy, not to be confused with goth, punk, etc..
5. Me.
1. '...but im a creep, im a widow, what the hell am i doing here? i don't belong here..."
3. That creep seemed to come up out of nowhere in Jane's backyard.
4. (see ex. 3)
5. Shit...Im such a creep.
by schneiderbird August 16, 2008
Any proper noun in the english dictionary that has any relevance to one's state of being, no matter the significance. Used to emphasize both the affirmative complimentary or the negative condescending. Can also be used as a verb (creeping) and adjective (creepy) both with similar definitions.
Hey creep! What are ya creepin on? (positive)

Cuz you're a creep! (negative)

Just quit your creepin (negative)

by C-leb and Tha Derch July 18, 2008
A group of juvenile barrio friends leaving to complete an agreed upon act that is negative in nature, although not necessarily violent.
After agreeing to steal candy from 7-11, Junior, Blackie, and Juan all said "Let's Creep"
by IceFlesh March 08, 2011
Word used to describe the 'actor/comedian' Charlie Sheen
John: ' Do you like Two And A Half Men?'
Jane: 'Hell no, Charlie Sheen is fucking creep!!'
by ronnie9098 March 07, 2011
taking pictures of the market district grand opening and carrying a camera around with you everywhere.
Hey! Your parents are from milan and are rich, so they buy you everything. Even that camera you carry around. You creep!
by youdontknowboutme November 08, 2009
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