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In any sort of Real Time Strategy or Role Play Game, to go out and attack neutral units for gold and experience, as an alternative to attacking opposing players early on.
Teal: Wanna rush?
Blue: No, let's creep. I want my Hero at least level 3 before we take them on.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
to creep up on, come out of know were, scare, put your two cents in
matt c-reeped up on us in ceramics class.
by numberonewinner January 21, 2009
To take time out of your busy life to watch others and ridicule them.
You look like a big creep in that picutre.
by Downtown G. December 10, 2006
A kid that is or resembles that of Dan Burke, from Brockton MA. This involved "Creeping" via AIM, Facebook, or in person.
Dan Burke, why'd you request me again on facebook? Your such a creep.
by The spicy egg bandit July 10, 2008
meaning that the action performed or the words said were wrong and disrespectful to the recipient
I can't believe he fucked his best friends girl, that shit was creep!
by ballinthickum09 April 30, 2007
taking pictures of the market district grand opening and carrying a camera around with you everywhere.
Hey! Your parents are from milan and are rich, so they buy you everything. Even that camera you carry around. You creep!
by youdontknowboutme November 08, 2009
Any proper noun in the english dictionary that has any relevance to one's state of being, no matter the significance. Used to emphasize both the affirmative complimentary or the negative condescending. Can also be used as a verb (creeping) and adjective (creepy) both with similar definitions.
Hey creep! What are ya creepin on? (positive)

Cuz you're a creep! (negative)

Just quit your creepin (negative)

by C-leb and Tha Derch July 18, 2008
this is when a boy goes to a girls house, usually in a car with the lights off, to hook up with her
he has to creep slow with his car in order to not wake the parents
snobs is nick's wingman for all of his creeps
by nickmo June 08, 2007