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another name for silver creek high school in E.S.S.J.
"you wanna go blaze at creek."
by east side blaza February 23, 2005
23 53
The yaoi couple formed of Craig Tucker and Tweek Tweak from the show "South Park".

Although it's a crack pairing, Creek(Craig/Tweek) is the most popular couple among fans, after Style(Stan/Kyle).
Creek is the most awesome crack pairing from South Park.
by Xray92 June 24, 2009
83 42
a person who is worse, or creepier, than a creep.
Ugh, Patty is such a creek!
by Jon F 1403 November 09, 2008
55 39
A word that means whatever you wish it to mean. Creek can mean anything from the group of Native Americans to an adjective describing a very well liked person.
The Creek Indians have great pride in their traditions and customs.

I am so creek.
by iamsocreek May 30, 2011
17 12
A person or persons who achieve both creative and technical excellence to become awesomely cool. A mash-up of 'creative' and 'geek'.

Typically: a web designer who has both creative and development skills. Essentially a creek must have skills in both areas. A graphic designer is not a creek, nor is a programmer.
Person a) "Those guys are so cool, they're designers and they know their technical stuff too!"

Person b) "Yeah man, they're total creeks".
by Hackos March 12, 2012
3 2
A wanna Be Ganster Think he the shit when he really not.
see that nigga Yea he a fake nah homie he a Creek
by Pokeme69 July 17, 2009
13 17
To woo or to chat up a girl, in as cheesy a manner as possible. From the unashamed pulling efforts displayed in Dawsons Creek.
Oi mate, stop creeking that minger and lets go to the next pub
by fellixthehat August 16, 2006
13 24
verb: to stiff someone; bail or default on a promise. Derived from "left me up the creek without a paddle." An act demonstrating one as unreliable.
Me: Did Fred lend you the book you needed for your report?

Friend: Naw, man, he totally creeked me and never showed.
by Fartflamer July 29, 2010
3 15