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1. Jealousy Bug
2. Crabs + Fleas
1. Man, she got the creebs!
2. Can hermits get creebs?
by Jarrodetv December 21, 2008
An expression used to show how tight something is. Usually used in the context of "in the grass". It shows to a very high extent of how pimpin it is.
Yo, thats like a creeb in the grass man.

Shiest, that ride is like a creeb nukka.
by Domin8 April 14, 2003
binge eating so much that all of the food weight goes straight to your boobs.
you wanna creeb it later?
He used to creeb alot, but not anymore.
by bettyloveswhiteprius May 15, 2011
A girl who creeps around and is silly and gets drunk erry day.... Has hella good style and is freinds with the biggest simps of all time. all around likes to have a good time... with her besties...
look at that girl she is creebing so hard right now
by lskdjf98sdf October 03, 2010
Creeb means to walk.
To go on a creeb, meaning to go for a walk.
Being on a walk, you would be a creeber.
To walk to a set destination would make you a destinational creeber.

The word originates from Ripley, Derbyshire, England.
by SeanF January 02, 2007
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