One who is stupid on purpose.
See moron
Creationist Dr. Kent Hovind: OK class, today we are going to be watching a documentary called the Flintstones. Repeat after me: Yabba Dabba Doo!!
by Firewalker239 November 30, 2008
The idiots and religious radicals who want humanity to stay in the dark ages.
Creationists are those who reject modern scientific theories and laws, especially evolution, over their old religious doctrines which they so happen to be loyal to.
by Sandwich Bocks January 24, 2011
Someone so afraid of the idea that there isn't a god that they delude themselves into thinking the Bible is fact and science is mythology. Not to be mistaken with religious people as that would validate what is no more than a mental problem.

Creationists' fear leads them to forget that their god is omniscient and lie, attack, brainwash, and suppress the truth, thus earning themselves a place in the Hell of their choosing.
actual conversation from a facebook group:
sane person: no its called science
creationist 1: ignorance is bliss sane person....
creationist 2: it really is, isn't it creationist 1?
creationist 3: fuck science, God made the world

...yeah they pretty much have reality backwards
by Baroness_Orczy January 24, 2011
Someone who realises the truth that God created the world in 6 days - just like it says in Genesis - and that Darwin's "theory" is just a theory, not fact.
Creationism is a valid science, more valid than evolutionary science.
Geology Scientist: And the earth is 4.6 billion yeras old.
Creationist Geology Scientist: No its not, its only 6000 years old!
by EllieSarah September 13, 2005
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