A person who thinks he/she knows more about science than an actual scientist.
I'm a good little God-fearing creationist and I believe evolution is a lie. I'm going to get in my CAR, go to the grocery store and buy FROZEN FOOD, go buy MEDICINE for my sick wife, go fill up my car with GASOLINE, go pay my ELECTRICITY and HEATING bill, and then I'll go home to my COMPUTER and complain on the INTERNET to the world about HOW EVIL SCIENCE IS!
by The Bad Guy February 03, 2007
Synonymous with idiot
The absurd reasoning of that creationist baffles me.
by Mlak Mlak December 30, 2006
often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate; can replace the common slang word "gay"
Person 1: I really like the band Coldplay
Person 2:Dude, Coldplay is creationist
by Noah E. May 11, 2007
Weak-minded people with an extremely weak (or no) faith. Their real belief in god is so WEAK, that they must rationalise their belief in god by turning their back on science. They also "literally" accept the bible as fact and reference the "book" of Genesis to support creation. However, their arguments fail because they forget which book of Genesis to reference (is it the first book or the second book of creation)? Rather than say, well science and God work together, they have to cling to a false and failed belief in the literal nature of a document corrupted and manipulated for centuries by the hands of man. They argue and fight, but unfortunately forget the motto WJGAFF - would Jesus give a flying fuck?
Teacher - "Fossils are geological records of life on earth spanning billions of years."

Creationists - "Nah, my pastor says the bible is fact, and the earth is 100 hundred years old."

Teacher - "Get out of my class and go be homeschooled with the other retards."
by Relgulious Man April 02, 2010
1. A person who thinks that the bible is a science and science a religion
2. A person who has done no research on the subject constantly uses non sequitur, red herrings, and straw man arguments
3. A fucking retard
Creationist: "Evolution is false because it has nothing to say on the origin of life, and because it said so in the bible."
by Ultimate Blarg March 27, 2010
The lowest level of intelligence known to man.
Johnny thinks the earth is 6000 years old. He's a creationist.
by Creatarded March 01, 2010
A person that believes that a supernatural, omnipotent being created all things in the same vicinity of time (1 week).
Dr. Kent Hovind, Dr. Ken Ham, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati are all well known Creationists.
by Alicia Entze March 24, 2008

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