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The result of Christians' insane refusal to accept that their religious doctrines are wrong.
Creationism can only be believed by people with absolutely no understanding of science or history.
by Janis March 08, 2006
One of three possible ideas

1. Old Earth creationism - the belief that the origins of earth are divine in nature, yet do not contradict with any scientific findings.

2. Young Earth creationism - the belief that the word of the Bible, or any similar holy book, is literal and that the world was created in about six thousand years. This belief basically says that any testable data showing that the world is older than six thousand years is wrong. Frequently deals with faith more than science, and when science is invoked, it is typically misused or misinterpreted.

3. intelligent design
1. If one were to suppose that, to God, a day is more than twenty-four hours (which is possible because the sun was not created until the fourth day), then one could say that the Bible does not contradict scientific findings.

2. When a fake plaster cast of a human footprint next to a dinosaur's was used jokingly as a cover for a book by the late Stephen J. Gould, a staunch pro-evolutionist, creationists lauded the use as proof that scientists believe in creationism, and that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, whereas in reality, almost no paleobiologists believe so.
by Ryan Griffin November 30, 2005
Magic man done it!
Example of Creationism:
Magic man: Hocus pocus Universe!!!
Magic man: Hocus pocus Solar system!!!
Magic man: Hocus pocus Apple pie!!!
Magic man: Hocus pocus Beer!!!
Magic man: Hocus pocus P0rn!!!
Magic man: Hocus pocus Paper towl!
Magic man: Hocus pocus Earth!
Magic man: Hocus pocus Man!!!
Man: Thank you Magic man your the greatest.
Magic man: MORE BEER!!!!
Man: Hocus pocus baseball!
Magic man: Wow good one!
Magic man: EVEN MORE BEER!!!!
by Arch Magos September 21, 2012
A popular belief that all things grow, change, exist, and develop traits/personality because GOD made it so. It is also the belief that Scientists who have been studying evolution for nearly 1000 years were all wrong, and for some reason think scientists believe humans evolved from monkeys which is NOT TRUE AT ALL. In fact, this belief has only existed for a few years or so, maybe less. It has hardly ever been observed, unlike the theory of evolution. They have no proof of their belief and only try to explain that scientists were wrong as a way to make them seem right rather than observing it themselves. They are Monkeys, not humans.
Evolutionist - "Why is the sky blue?"
Creationist - "Because God!"
Evolutionist - "Why do we have a solar system?"
Creationist - "God!"
Evolutionist - "Why do you keep saying that?"
Creationist - "God!"
Evolutionist - "Ugh... "
by Stephan J. August 17, 2014
That God created everything on the Earth (even all the tiny cyanobacteria, eubacteria etc that's never mentioned in the bible...) in a week. As a scientist, I don't buy it....however, who's to say that the idea of creationism and evolution have to be mutually exclusive. Even today, in spite of centuries of scientific advances, no one has been able to directly prove exactly HOW the cyanobacteria and methanogens set up camp on Earth...there are theories, sure...but what if, just for argumentation's sake, one were to assume that God just set up the perfect environment for all the organisms to thrive...but didn't actually create the organisms themselves? I don't personally believe in God, but those of you christians who happen to be scientists and get offended during evolution 101 might wanna think of it this way before you storm out of lecture. Just a thought..
According to the Bible, God made everything on this planet in 6 days and had the 7th day to rest and reflect on his work. This idea is creationism.
by shawne March 07, 2004
Broadly, a belief that the universe and life have divine origins, rather than resulting from chance.

Most often it refers specifically to the creation story of the judeo-christian tradition outlined in the book of Genesis, but the term can also apply to ideas from other religions (Hindu, Islam, various pagan and animist religions, etc)

"The origin of the univers often results in heated debate between creationists and scientists."
by Telegram Sam April 26, 2003
The belief that things 20 million times smaller than Quantom Physics control the universe something that if is manipulated by they Humans we would be able to change anything: Where planets are or if there are any, who died who lived or if anyone ever died. If a divine figure lived in the Universe or if not, the smallest thing in science. The very pinnacle of science.Most creationists join others to stop science all together because they think reaching the substance will completly obliterate humans, alians, gods everything.

Year of first Creationist:Unknown Origin:Unknown
I heard he got arrested, what for? A plot to kill a local scientist hes was apart of something called Creationism.
by stovajj299 April 03, 2009
The idea that the world was created by intelligent design.
All devout Christians believe that Creationism is true
by Avowed Conservative February 02, 2008