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the sweat between your hot dog and your chocolate starfish
Man, my crease grease is really kickin right now
by powder May 21, 2004
10 31

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The greasy remains from an inadequate ass wiping. Ultimately will cause burning and/or itching until propertly cleaned. The cause of skid-marks in a persons drawers.
Dude, I cant wait to find a crapper so I can clean up my crease grease.
by biffula September 02, 2006
182 28
the sticky sweaty substance taht resides in the gooch/crease/ball area of a male and the meat curtains of a women
"biTCH im gonnA slap you with my CREasE GRease" "grease from the crease biatch" "Craig Loves THE GREASEY CREASE"
by palmer April 23, 2004
6 33
any sort of vaginal lubricant.
"Gee, your crease grease smells terrific!"
by maze February 16, 2005
4 33