A sexy girl; baddest bitch around; beautiful gash
Hot girl= cream, my girl= my cream
by yunggash111 November 03, 2014
or curry-ream (see-reem, kreem, or kuhr-ee-reem)
1. a non-standard amount of paper, composed of 500 or more
sheets, printed out in college libraries by people of
South Asian descent. This occurance takes place as a
result of the offender being unwilling or unable to
throw down $50 for a textbook. Instead, the perpetrator
will proceed to illegally download the composition from
an offshore internet site. This is always at college
libraries so that the download cannot be traced to a
personal IP address.
2. the act of printing out a c-ream; especially when it
results in a c-quire, leaving the rest of the student
body up shit creek.

note: professional c-reamers will always strike in packs,
and when the library is most crowded; so called,
"c-reaming'no grease". C-reaming is a misdemeanor
offense in 49/50 United States, excluding
Connecticut, where the act is most prevalent.
1. I just came to the library to print up a ten page study
guide, but this Indian girl has been tying up both
printers with her c-reams for 20 minutes. Look around,
everyone's pissed.
2. (some Indian guy fucking some poor college guy
bareback from behind) Ah-ha! *THRUST* c *GRUNT* reamed
*THRUST,THRUST* you *GRUNT* American *THRUST* whore!
by uneven_floor May 18, 2008
London slang. Means trainers, usually white.
Pharell William's from N.E.R.D. and The Neptunes recently created his own shoe, made by Reebok. very rare, and prices around $300-500. mentions it in 'drop it like it's hot': 'Uh, i'm a nice dude, wit sum nice dreams. see these ice cubes?' (cue shot of finger bling) 'see these ice creams?' (cue shot of the trainers on his feet.'
(dude b steps on dude a's trainers, by accident)
dude a: oi, don't fuck up my creams, man!
dude b: sorry
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
1. Someone that is fancy in style, personality, and or attitude.
That soccer player not only plays cream, but also dresses cream.
by Bimbo Bell Gardens November 05, 2009
a word that relates to orgasm/ejaculate.
to think something is really good
"did you see that girl over there, she is really hot"
"yeah she is fully cream"
by s-man_3 April 01, 2009
semen, or sperm - n.
My boy, Daven, creamed all over his girls face.
by Ashley April 26, 2005
The act of masterbating and ejaculating on the printed image of another, at times resulting in the final product being transmitted back to the original subject. Some find this a satisfying form of erotic encounter; made especially popular by the internet and ability to easily send/receive digital images.
Sue sent Bobby a picture of her breasts which he creamed and sent back to her.
by Jamie N. Thomas February 15, 2007

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