Slang term for crack cocaine
"Yo can I get a 20 of cream?" Or referring to a room filled with crack smoke ;"it's creamy as fuck in here"
by Ogggg July 20, 2013
all the girls will cream for grease lightning
lightning cream orgasm
by john.Travolta January 13, 2009
Noun: Cum
I want to cream on that girls face
by omfg March 18, 2003
Crack cocaine
Ey you got that cream?
by cream,crack,creem,coke September 13, 2009
crack cociane
I gotta get some more cream and bubble up.
by deez nutz May 03, 2003
A sexy girl; baddest bitch around; beautiful gash
Hot girl= cream, my girl= my cream
by yunggash111 November 03, 2014
A word used for mixed race offspring, usually black and white.
Originated in antebellum south in the United States.
That child is not black, it's a cream.
by Tahoe Joe December 06, 2011

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