Cash Rules Everything Around Me
h0LyMaN: Dude, what's CREAM?
DannyTheMan_TR: Well dude, last night I was touching myself thinking of your mother and OMG! CREAM, CREAM, CREAM!
h0LyMaN: No, C.R.E.A.M
DannyTheMan_TR: Cash Rules Everything Around Me, retard
by DannyTheMan May 02, 2007
1. v.nt. to ejaculate in general, or specifically, in one's underwear, on one's face, or elsewhere.

2. n. euphamism for semen (along with cum, jizz, gravy, spooge, nectar, &c. ad nauseam)
1. The tit-flick got me so turned on I creamed my shorts.

2. Michael swallowed all of Bill's tasty cream.
by Jacon (jay-son) August 23, 2003

1) To jiz/make a romance explosion


1) A load/romance goo

2) A rock band from the 1960s, who's music today is still loved, despite having only 4 studio albums.
A heard Crossroads on the radio today. Clapton's guitar solo made me cream my shorts.
by rogerthewhale April 08, 2013
money, jewerely, anything valuable, or that costs alot, Also C.r.e.a.m, cash rules everything around me,
Me, im not the king, but niggas is decaf i stick them fo the cream
by Michael Fresh December 26, 2006
One of the many slang words invented by the Wu-tang Clan.
Stands for Cash Rule Everything Around Me, but is also a slang word for cocaine.
Used often by Biggie.
Now I'm thirteen, smokin' blunts, makin' cream

On the drug scene, fuck a football team

-Notorious B.I.G. Respect
by limelight3W3 November 02, 2006
to 'cream' oneself:
to ejaculate in ones pants because of an overwhelming feeling of excitement.
I saw a done up WRX at the lights with a hot ass guy in it, i nearly creamed myself right then and there.
by dancer01 April 21, 2005
The art of lathering moisturizer all over your body.
friend 1 - Hey man, did you cream after the beach yesterday?

friend 2 Absolutely, how do you think I maintained this awesome tan.

friend 1 - Yeah I can tell. You're looking black.
by James Corona July 19, 2011

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