A state of insanity that is enjoyable.
It is craved by some.
Example 1: Aero wishes he was CRAZYROOM.
Example 2: He is addicted to CRAZYROOM.
by Aero The Dragon August 24, 2005
Top Definition
the room in your house used for getting wasted, smashing bottles, getting in situations or any other kind of outrageous acts. a room that was made to be be trashed often located in the basement. In the old days, this was referred to as the rumpus room.
Excuse me, I need to use your crazy room, where do you smash your bottles?
by baits September 10, 2007
Refers to a craziness or insanity that one does not suffer from, but rather enjoys. Commonly done for one's enjoyment and not out of actual mental illness.
Use #1: Kitty is CRAZYROOM.
Use #2: Join the CRAZYROOM, buddy!
Use #3: CRAZYROOM!!!
by Elbot Wolfcat April 03, 2005
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