An alchoholic drink invented by DK in a town named Steinbach that has lime cordial, coconut rum, and coke.
"Man that crazy castro I had yesterday was good"
by Smeetin May 31, 2006
Top Definition
1.A 50/50 rum and coke, with coconut rum and lime juice. Said to have been invented by a guy named Dave from Canada.

2.When someone's drunk and power trippin'
1.Damn I got fucked off crazy castro's last night

2.That bitch got all crazy castro last night. Told her not to have that 7th caesar and she bitch slapped me!
by asmallshrew September 28, 2006
An alcoholic drink, similar to the Cuba Libre, but with Coconut rum, making it a twist on that, hence a Crazy Castro. Invented by Dave Klassen.
"Bruce Lee just fuckin' loved crazy castros"
by Dave786578 July 01, 2006
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