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Also abbreviated CYT, crazy young thugs is a group of around 5 maybe middle-schoolers from south Quincy, MA and all they like to do is start shit. They steal bikes, take peoples money and just mess with and threaten people. They also think they're part of the bloods (they also call themselves the Goonies). CYT is also the rival gang of the skater group FLC. They seem like cowards to me because they use weapons whenever threatening people (eg brass knuckles). The really shitty part is if you're one of their prey, theres no escape if you go to the area a lot. call the police and if they go to juvie, the rest of the gang will retaliate. if they all go to juvie at once, they'll come back completely ripped and probably kill you. Their main targets are those who are different/unpopular/weak/rich/have an un-destroyed bike/HAVE MONEY. If you're in they're target range, your life is gonna suck. unless you join FLC. then your life will suck less. :P
Crazy young thugs are complete pussies if they're gonna use weapons just to take someones money.

FUCK MAN cyt stole my bike and took my 30 fuckin bucks! AAAAAGGH! *breaks a hole in the wall*

by Classified (sry mate) September 09, 2007
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