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Hanzo is the well-endowed samurai from the cult trilogy Hanzo the Razor. Hanzo is best described as a Japanese amalgamation of Shaft and Dirty Harry. He practiced sadomasochism to further hone his strength and sexual prowess. Examples include pounding his penis into a block of wood with a mallet and humping a dry bag of rice.
Tony just dry humped a Brillo Pad, he's crazy like mutha fucka hanzo.
by Oddjob6025 April 21, 2005
a person that does very crazy things, without thought or reason . also can be seen summoning demons and slangin' 8 balls to small children. almost like a crazy mutha fucka but even crazier. yep.
that guy just jumped on that guy head and started dancing on his face . thus, that guys crazy like mutha fucka hanzo
by mike j johnson November 08, 2004
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