What the movie called 'The New Guy'
Don't make me do crazy eyes.
by awnesh April 21, 2005
a type of person who has that confused look everytime you talk to him. this person also likes to just sit and stare at random people with that crazy i'm gonna get you sucka look.
joe - "hey bob, you got change for a dollar?"
bob - "uuuuggghhhhh"
joe - "you know......ah nevermind!"
by rock July 19, 2004
A dog which has eyes from the DEVIL !
> Whats wrong with you dog ?

< oh she is just crazy eyes

> ok (the dog then eats her his soul ,yummy)
#dogs #poo #wang #hez #smile
by Ewan ohare June 24, 2008
E Money...Patterson aka you know who you are : )
I love my Crazy Eyes.
#crazy #eyes #money #patterson #e
by sniggy December 09, 2006
Watch the movie called 'The new guy'
They use the crazy eyes to the max!
Don't make me do crazy eyes, now!
by awnesh April 21, 2005
A medical condition in which one is cross-eyed.
"where is that dog lookin'?"
"that there are some crazy eyes"
by C01DfuS10N March 11, 2004
a menacing stare used to intimidate or coerce
I better stay away from Vinny. He keeps givin' me Crazy Eyes. He'd fuck me up!
by Sily Smooth January 28, 2004
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