The hair color in between blonde and brown. The word comes from the word "hazel", which means an eye color in between green and brown. People with crazel hair, especially girls, often call their hair blonde but it's a little too dark to be considered truly blonde.
Girl 1: Blondes have more fun!
Girl 2: You're not blonde. Your hair is crazel.
Girl 1: It's definitely blonde.
Girl 2: No, it's crazel. Get over it.
by missktut April 18, 2011
Top Definition
those who with a hair-shade between blonde&brunette. blondes do not accept them, nor brunettes. "crazel" comes from hazel (as in the eye shade) and the "c" stands for CATEGORIZE MY HAIRSHADE. crazels must band together, for so long we've been lost without a true home.
for so long, hannah and kyle were lost in trying to classify their haircolor. {blonde}, {brunette}?
now, they're considered CRAZELS, due to their crazy beautiful treebark blond hair!
by gotclevernesss? October 08, 2011
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