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A male (usually teenage) who is incredibly musically talented. He is proficent at multiple instruments, and the marvel of his social group for said musical abilities.
A typical crayton is not super attractive but has the average boy-next-door look going for him. However, his musical abilities instantly make him seem more attractive.
Julie: Wow, Jim, I had no idea your friend is such a crayton!
Jim: Oh, yeah, he also plays ukelele...
Julie: He's so cute...
#music #teenage boy #male #man #cute #smart #hottie #talented
by earthling98 April 14, 2014
a "crayton"is a very ugly skinny shmegal like creature, very sharp teeth and very small it can fly.
it is a crayton
#creepy #ugly #shmegal #small #mean
by themrhb123 January 14, 2012
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