A homosexual act where one man get washable paint squirted in his ass and shits on the other mans chest drawing colors.
John totally gave Tony the crayon!
by Rook0809 February 02, 2008
u use it to color, duh

Oh, yeah its made out of wax
i use my crayon 2 color
by tjs December 06, 2002
it's that thing you put on that other thing...and then you move it all across it and it makes a line...it's usually purple...
mmm mmm butter
by COWSGOMOO December 16, 2003
Dude a crayon is a retard....durr
"Jesus your such a fucking crayon!"
by Krista April 21, 2005
a sex position involving 5 women and one man
the man does a hand stand and all the girls piss on him through water balloons /stab him in his balls, and then perform the rainbow kiss with a dog, and hunting down a bear and peeing on it while licking its fur til it comes off.

it originated in south east gewghdisgidsahngikdihbihsagbBURG
and has spread worldwide
"yo lets crayons"
"feel it"
by dskjagbkadgbkadbsgkhbhabjh March 23, 2008
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