A joint or blunt which you smoke marajuana out of. Often usend when the joint looks like a crayon. IE: Crutch ( The little peice of cardboard rolled in one end to keep it open) and pointed at the other end to keep the weed from falling out.
"Hey wana go get a crayon?" "Mom were going to go color over at Stevies house"
by Matt May 22, 2006
Slang for military or law enforcement laser on a weapon. Used to paint a target. Especially since there are now multiple colors of such laser devices available.
Look at the crayon on that gun.
by 5 August 10, 2005
The morning after a long night of drinking and associated bar food consumption, the inevitable happens. In the toilet it lays.. up to 10 inches long and at a consistency that when flushed makes its mark in the bowl in a swirly fashion. Usually these are a shade of gravy brown but can also be hot wing Orange to Whiskey sour Yellow.
Uhhh.. See your local bar restroom. Find crayon.
by Bennnn November 15, 2007
just another name for a dick
Your such a crayon Joe!
by rentastrawberry October 25, 2004
a gay person
dude, that guy is so gay! what a crayon
by hsfhksjdf February 23, 2009
The state of a cigarette that is being smoked too quickly.
"Dude, slow down. You're getting a crayon there."
"Yeah, man. Wanna draw me a picture with that crayon?"
by Marcelle September 03, 2007
a term for tattoo gun
that crayon went crazy on you.
by jane/ayn September 14, 2006

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