A potent mixture of alcoholic beverages. Name derives from the container from which this drink is stored-(a novelty crayola-crayon shaped flask).
"man that crayola is lethal"
by geggs6 February 20, 2009
When you've had a shit but there's still a nugget in your sphincter which no matter how much you wipe leaves a skid mark on your toilet paper.
Man, I went through at least half of the bog roll before I realised I had a crayola up there. Had to fish it out with my finger in the end. Wanna sniff?
by pixuk September 19, 2014
"Cr-aye-o-lah" (adjective) something or someone who acts immaturely or childish, something that is basic or someone is is young.
"Stop acting so Crayola!'

"You're so Crayola!"
by Oryx&Crake June 18, 2009
adj.- a dude who acts of the queer variety
1. That dance move made him look uber crayola.
2. Dude, don't walk out of the house looking crayola.
by DontJudgeMe2 October 23, 2011
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