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Derived from the abreviation Cra (pronounced Cray) for crazy, is the interjection expressed to describe something as super sayan crazy.
Dude 1- Yo did see the news where that man jumped 40 stories and survived!?

Dude 2- Yea man, dat shit crayola
by Xav3ngedX120 November 07, 2012
1 1
"Cr-aye-o-lah" (adjective) something or someone who acts immaturely or childish, something that is basic or someone is is young.
"Stop acting so Crayola!'

"You're so Crayola!"
by Oryx&Crake June 18, 2009
7 12
adj.- a dude who acts of the queer variety
1. That dance move made him look uber crayola.
2. Dude, don't walk out of the house looking crayola.
by DontJudgeMe2 October 23, 2011
3 10