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A crayola gangster is an individual who chooses to represent a REAL street gang based on the fact that they wear his favorite colors or because they have the hottest song out at the moment. They're most commonly used colors are Blue and Red (CRIP and BLOOD). A crayola gangster also switches gangs and colors freely, whenever it is convenient to do so, as opposed to their REAL counterparts who's only way out of the gang is death. Beware when approaching some crayola gangsters, as they have something to prove and might try to imitate their REAL gangster counterparts. Crayola gangsters also live well outside areas where their REAL counterparts reside. This creates the delusion effect and causes them to really believe in themselves beacause they have no reference to or regulation by actual gangsters. This is an ever-growing epidemic. They even give these individual huge record deals and it has became a market where it is easy for them to ascertain fame. Perfect example of this is Soulja Boy Tell Em' - YOUTUBE HIM TO SEE FOR YOURSELF
Just look in any high school where gangs are not really a problem and you will find a fine specimen yourself. Hey man look at this Crayola Gangsta

by Dr. Jay Stay November 10, 2009
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