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A cracker, I.E. whitey. Or a cacker of- codes, safes, firewalls, and other haxor-like things.
Haha, i awp-d you crax0r.O.-!
by ChibiCraka June 03, 2003
8 7
Crack whore + dinosaur
Yoshi is a craxor
by emo_gamer September 29, 2010
3 1
Derived from "haxors" and "crack(ing)," usually used as a compromise in situations where one party uses the term "haxors", while the other party prefers to use the more specific "cracking" to describe the same action/person

1. (noun) Someone that cracks a game.
2. (verb) To cheat/violate TOS by cracking a game.
A:"I heard that {name} modified the character models in Crossfire"
B:"THAT'S HAXORZ!!! F11!!!!!"
C:"Don't you mean 'cracking'?"
B:"CRAXORS, F11!!!"
by Belimoth November 05, 2009
0 3