Crunkest mountain in Kentucky, where all the homies, pimps, playas, ballas, and shot-calla's keep it real 'round the clock
Who dat dippin in the Cadillac? O da's Lil' A from Crawford Mt. ready to keep da ho's down.
by spizzle February 08, 2005
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crawford mountain is a curvy little piece of hell road on a huge ass mountain in kentucky where all the crackwhores live. the one-lane-no-guardrail road is a perfect place to live if you want to avoid the cops... at the risk of getting eaten alive by the 90ft of kudzu that wasn't there yesterday. very fun to drive on in the snow if you are suicidal!

person 1: yea, I live on crawford mountain and i woke up this morning only to find my house swolled up by kudzu, a car crashed on the roof, and a crackwhore sleeping on my bed! can i live with you?

person 2: go to hell

person 1: I live there
by dandydo April 18, 2009

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