In the game Shattered Galaxy, crater describes territory 44 -- the territory in the exact middle of the map. It has only one POC, is easily defended, AND repairs can be made there without returning to the capital, making it an ideal forwards-base -- as well as a hotly-contested zone for battles.
Attacks against Crater are tough, man. Get 10 people to go with you or don't go at all.
by Shanya Almafeta April 06, 2004
A 5 to 10 foot hole in the center of a humans chest.
Celebs that have a crater - BOOGA, Steve the Queen, and Randy.
by Steve The Queen July 24, 2006
when you fist someone's ass and you pull your fist out and their butthole is still gaping resembling a crater
I gave your mom a crater last night and now she can't walk right
by afafaf October 03, 2006
A over abused and used vagina.
1. Whos Suzy? The bitch with the big crator in her pants.
by big d February 24, 2005

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