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1. Any Asian person who partakes in a random and/or crazy activity.
2. Any Asian who does something stupid or insane.
1.The touring groups of older asian men who go to theme parks in suits and ride the water rides are CRASIANS!
2. That woman who just cut me off in her car and almost crashed is a CRASIAN.
by Chanelle May 07, 2005
18 11
A crazy Asian.
There's no such thing as Godzirra... Those Crasians.
by pinegar77 August 08, 2008
7 5
A person of Asian descent who is at their best crazy and at their worst insane. An out of control Asian.
"Did you see what that doctor just did?! That man is a Crasian!"

"I love watching Bruce Lee films because he goes crasian on people!"
by Mangry December 20, 2012
2 1
Any person (usually American) obsessed with Asian culture, particularly those obsessed with Anime and/or Manga
Did you see Natalie dressed up as her favorite InuYasha character?

Yeah, she's such a Crasian.
by Chasya August 05, 2010
7 6
asian that goes crazy, or is really angry, like the guy in that james bond movie "die another day" at the start, when the asian guy is kicking what looks like a boxing bag but has his therapist in it. or somthin that is asain and is kool like NINJAz = crasian (cray-zsh-sian)
---> ur getting bashed by an asian
"dude im getting kung fu'ed by a crasian"
---> u bump into an asian in the hallway at school, and they start yelling at u in their first language, and waving their arms about.
"WOW, what a crasian"
---> some cool asian at school does some kool ninja skills at assembly
"awesome, what a crasian"
by pinkandpretty December 01, 2007
2 3
an asian american who is fantastic at vidio games, academcic activities, and or likes rap music. They can be spotted at E3 conventions, popular college tours (ex. Harvard, Princeton), rap battles, or anywhere SAT's are taken.
1. Jason: I just took my SAT's they were pretty difficult
Mike: When I took mine the place was filled with crasians!
by Ronald A. McDonald November 08, 2007
7 8
Being or acting of asian decent while simultaneously acting crazy or out of control.
"Did you see that fisherman? He was totally CRASIAN!"
by Belaugh86 September 04, 2007
3 4