Crapster is a surname, or last name. It can also be a place name as in the "Crapster Family Cemetery" in Howard Co., MD.
Crapster is a surname in my Colonial American family of Maryland and New Jersey. My great grandmother's maiden name was Florence Warfield Crapster (1864-1925). Florence's surname has been traced back to her great great grandparents, Ruliff & Abigel Crapster of Maryland and New Jersey. Ruliff and Abigel Crapster were most likely from the Netherlands.
At the present time I have several living relatives across America with the last name of Crapster.
In the 1800's some members of the family changed the "p" to a "b" and now spell their last name as "Crabster".
The "Crapster" and " Crabster" names appears many times in the official US Census from 1790 to the present day.
by R. W Faber March 18, 2008
Top Definition
1.) An object or product made with shoddy and/or crude components.
2.) Characterized by faulty or inferior thinking.
3.) Used as an adjective to describe someone or something as overall inferior or wretched.
"John has a crapster computer in his basement that he built using spare parts from a pawn shop."

"You're using completely crapster logic in coming to that conclusion."
by triumvir March 23, 2006
a replacement for oh snap, crap, shit. Showing disappointment (1), forgetfullness (2), other?(3)
(1) Crapster I got a C on the science test.
(2) I forgot my homework crapsterz*.
(3) crapsterz* (randomness!)

*Crapster and Crapsterz is the same word, except for the added z at the end. Pronounced Crap-ster-z.
by Coach is to dye for! December 04, 2005
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