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A cappuccino that is lacking in all the qualities of a true cappuccino, be it due too lack of heat, lack of coffee, or simple lack of flavour.
"I ordered a coffee half an hour ago and all I got was this tepid crappuccino. Damn Starbucks and their lacklustre service."
by bonbonbonbonbons September 22, 2009
6 3
A substandard, overpriced copy of an Italian beverage usually found at a Starbucks or Tully's and served by overzealous workers obviously inflicted with caffeine dementia.

Alternative form: crappaccino.
One Venti crappuccino, soy milk and low fat coffee cake. Eighteen dollars!
by CoffeeSupernova March 14, 2006
41 5
What Beavis drinks during the first episode featuring Cornholio. Coffee makes him go ape shit, he pulls his shirt up over his head and the beatniks think he's a genius
"would you like a cappuccino?" "heh heh heh heh. Crappuccino, yeah." (later) "I am Cornholio; I need T.P. for my bunghole. I want all your crappuccino." (bumps into a chair) "Are you threatening me?!!?"
by the almightybunghole January 03, 2008
27 6
A poorly made coffee beverage that cost upwards of four dollars.
by zooa November 03, 2003
27 9
Typically, a cappuccino obtained from a machine in a gas station or truck stop. May also describe a cappuccino or frappuccino made at home from a mix; a "crappy cappuccino"

Additional usage: can describe any coffee-based beverage that acts as a laxative
I can't afford Starbucks. I think I'll get a crappuccino from the gas station across the street.
by fossilgirl June 03, 2009
12 1
The abrupt bowel movement that occurs after consuming coffee or coffee like beverages.
My morning latte was good, but now I have to take a massive crappuccino.
by redsparkle1 May 12, 2011
6 2
Foamy fluid of dark brown crap that jets out of one's butt when an individual 1) has a terrible, terrible case of diarrhea 2) has taken an industrial strength laxative or 3) has consumed a copious amount of beer on an empty stomach
Dude, I can't play ball today... I've been dispensing crappuccino since 4am
by M.K.M. September 06, 2005
13 9