Any drink that is associated with coffee but tastes absolutely aweful.

It does not necessarily have to be from Starbucks.

See Aneeta's definition.

Ewww! This espresso is crappacino-MAJOR!
by Colonel_Cheesemonkey December 29, 2006
Top Definition
(a)A drink that in no way resembles cappacino yet is labelled under that name. Often tasting of old fag ends mixed with mud topped with foam that looks and tastes like cheap shaving foam.
To drink 'a crap cino' hence crappacino or any drink purchased from Starbucks.
by Aneeta August 15, 2006
the disgusting free coffee that is served at your place of employment that looks like & has the consistency of dirty motor oil.
I'm headed to the coffee station for a crappacino, anyone want to join me?
by bellibutton May 04, 2011
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