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The color that derives from melting every Crayola crayon ever made togther.
I melted my entire 96 pack of Crayola crayons in a metal pot and it formed the ugly color known as crapola.
Nonsense; a big load of bullshit
Crapola is a whole load of bullshit, as in:
"We had to deal with the crapola of filing that paperwork."
by Joe Wedge September 14, 2006
1. having a large amount of junk
2. having valueables that are only of value to you.
3. to fill in where would otherwise be a swear word, generally replacing shit.
4. Double crappiness at it's fullest
1. "Hmm... I have to rumage through all of this crapola"
2. "woot, my crapola rocks the house"
3. "... my damn roomate stole all of my crapola"
4. "fucking crapola, my balls are gone"
by exodus May 01, 2004
1. extremely crap
2. a game played like baseball, where you have a stick (the ola) and you hit objects the other person throws at you (the crap) the crap can be anything the other person can put there hands on.
1. your full of crapola
2. hey guys, lets play crapola!
by loz666 February 13, 2008
Used to express an element of surprise and unexpectedness.
Holy Crapola Batman...dat damn knocked up skeezy gine bootlegged my ride!!!
by da five-oh March 16, 2005
1- a totally shady inspired word meaning full of crap.
2- term often used to express the beliefs of fundies.
3- something or someone that is beyond belief.
3- an extreme example of those who are full of crap: i.e., crapola-ites.
You are so full of crapola; you have got to be a crapola-ite.
by shady October 29, 2003
equal to or relating to crap
"EEEEW! The dog just made a HEEYUGE crapola!"; "I got a D- on my test? That's crapola!"
by Emily Machniak March 14, 2008