Crapintosh v.
Insulting nickname for a person who likes Apple computers.
Crapintosh wore his Mac osX shirt to Drumline practice again today
by crapintosh November 20, 2004
Top Definition
Slang for Macintosh. Used to convey dissatisfaction with Apple computers.
That crapintosh could only be worse if it was running crappleworks.
by adamisaspaz March 04, 2003
Operating system that causes programmers to consider suicide.
I've spent a year on this project and I've got it working on every platform except Crapintosh OSX.
by Anonymous June 06, 2003
Very expensive boat anchor
The rope came undone and I lost my boat. Damn crapintosh can't even keep my boat from floating away!
by Lost Boat April 04, 2006
A shiny brightly colored piece of very crappy plastic that is sometimes utilized for the sole purpose of capturing the attention of little girls and the severely mentally handicapped.
"Wow! Sally I don't know shit about computers but your little niece with down syndrome sure does love to chew on that crapintosh's one-button mouse!"
by Hate Crapintosh August 08, 2004
macintosh computer that is a piece of shit and your computer support techs refuse to help you fix it
my crapintosh just crashed for the fourth time this hour.
by halex March 28, 2003
The name given to an Apple Macintosh by PC nerds and IT geeks who feel threatened by the computers simplicity. The interface is so easy to use that one need not go to the IT geek for help, thus making him feel useless.
"Don't buy that Crapintosh, get a real PC and I will personally show you how to protect your system against all the viruses and spyware.
by PC Use'n fool September 05, 2006

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