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v. crapfit

1. An exceptionally unique bowel movement that may be watery, sludgy, clumpy, and/or pellet-like, depending on the cause of your lower intestine's discontent.

Generally caused by the consumption of a food item or beverage that your internal organs have difficulty processing.

For example, consuming moderate amounts Olestra (the fat substitue formerly known as olean), would cause such an event.

2. An emotional outburst, simialar to a hissy fit or shit fit.
1. I ate a can of Pringles with Olestera(tm) during my lunch break, and just had the nastiest crapfit I've had in 5 years. Damn!

2. Whenever I skeet on Susie's grill, she throws a total crapfit... Silly ho!
by CWZ December 30, 2005
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